What is involved to convert "non switch" type wheel to "switch" type wheel on my 2003 - 2006 GM/GMC truck?


Here is information that was found on a forum regarding upgrading GM steering wheels to be equipped with functional DIC controls.   The link and the post are provided below. 





I just successfully installed the Fully functional DIC and Radio controls on my '04 crew cab. I will try to answer all questions which were raised here as briefly as possible, Ask any additional ones you may have.

First, You must get the steering wheel with controls. I believe part numbers were listed above, but bottom line, make sure you get the right color if you are ordering. The black one is called ebony. Prices vary depending on where you get them. I got mine from a salvage yard brand new for $75. Second, You must replace the clockspring with the column harness. If you have a light duty pickup, you will need part number 26101829. This is for a 2 stage air bag. If you have a heavy duty, order part number 26101828. This is for a single stage air bag. If you are unsure, take off your airbag and look to see if it has 1 or 2 pigtails connected to it. 1 is a single stage, 2 is a 2 stage. GM has reduced the number of part numbers available to simplify things. Therefore, you will get a harness equipped with an additional 8 pin connector. This is for the steering wheel speed sensor for quadrasteer. If you do not have quadrasteer, just tape it to the column and don't worry about it.

Be careful when installing the harness, there are about 14 connectors, I spent 2 hours installing the harness and wheel.

Now the part which has been the most confusing. If your truck was not equipped with rpo code (UK3) which is redundant radio controls, your body controller will not recognize or (turn on) the radio controls. In addition the instrument cluster will not recognize or turn on the DIC functionality. Therefore, your dealer will have to call the Techline Support center. This is not the same as TAC. Techline is for software, programming...etc. They need to explain what they are doing and request a 2 VCI numbers. A VCI number is a new calibration code which will allow your controllers to turn on the radio and DIC controls. They need to get a code for the IPC and one for the TBC. They will then request info from the vehicle with their Tech 2 handheld device. They then take the Tech 2 to their PC loaded with TIS2000 and perform a SPS programming function using the VCI numbers. This will load the calibration into the Tech 2. They then take the Tech 2 back to the vehicle and load the new calibration into the vehicle. They will need to go through this process twice, once for the IPC and again for the TBC using the new VCI numbers.

I personally did every part of this on my own truck today (yes, the programming also) and it does work. The Dealers do not get this request often, so probably will not know the process. Therefore, print out this message and they will then understand.