Due to popular demand, we are bring back this program.   Similar to our Black Cherry stained real wood steering wheels,  the Denali match is the actual Denali wood print match accompanied with Neutral Tan or Pewter Gray leather.  Gradually, we will be adding the "buy it now" links once these wheels get build.  Thank you Denali owners for your patience.    At Autowoods,  we are listening to your request!   Core charge is refundable once the take-off used steering wheel is received at Autowoods.
     Denali   Collection  



Exact Denali Print match.  Finger grip grooves.  Tight leather / wood joints.  Demanding quality for demanding Denali truck owners.  Nothing but the best.

Part Number

Wood Leather Color   Year  Price


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623249 Denali Neutral Tan 2001-2002 $350.00 click here  
623549 Denali Pewter Gray 2001-2002 $350.00    
643249 Denali Neutral Tan 2003-2006 $350.00    
643549 Denali Pewter Gray 2003-2006 $350.00