AUTOWOODS     Setting the Standard ....                                                                   1998 - 2009  GM LUXURY STEERING WHEELS

                                                                       Technical Videos (under development)
bulletList of tools needed for transferring parts.
bulletShows how controls are removed.
bulletSimple step by step directions.


Video No. 3

Transfer of steering wheel components from stock wheel to upgrade steering wheel.  


Video No. 1

Airbag disarming procedure for typical GM truck,  S.U.V. or van.  


bulletShows how to perform diagnostic system test on airbag system.
bulletTwo procedures for safely disarming an airbag system.
bulletPrepares vehicle for next step of airbag removal.
Video No. 2

Airbag and steering wheel removal procedure.  


bulletStep by step method for removing of GM airbag.
bulletTools used for removal of steering wheel.
bulletSafety precautions listed.